Hazmat Services

When you need a fast response and special Hazmat services, call KWE Hazmat Contracting.

Asbestos Testing

Get standard ‘Asbestos Assessment’ procedures that include:

  • Visual inspection of the building for signs of Asbestos Containing Materials.
  • Airborne Asbestos analysis to identify Asbestos fibres that are in the air.
  • Substance samples to identify the type of Asbestos and concentration percentage.
  • A detailed report on our findings, and assistance in creating your plan of action moving forward to remediate the hazardous situation.

Asbestos Abatement and Removal

Get proper Asbestos and Abatement Removal that strictly adheres to industry guidelines. Call KWE Hazmat Contracting and ensure that there is no cross-contamination and no re-exposure to asbestos.

Do not attempt Asbestos Removal Procedure on your own as breathing asbestos fibres are know to cause and develop asbestosis which leads to lung cancer. Our trained asbestos technicians adheres to all guidelines set by OHS to ensure no release of asbestos fibres occurs during the course of remediation 


Mould And Lead Remediation

Get your home back to the way it should be - free of mould and lead. KWE Hazmat Contracting removes mould thoroughly with cleaning and sanitization. We ensure that it does not come back and any mould related odours are also removed. 

Lead is poisonous and no exposure is considered safe. Get hazmat professionals with specialized equipment, superior training and strict procedure adherence for lead abatement.


Hazardous Waste Disposal

Get customized pick-up schedules for hazardous waste pick-up and professional hazardous material removal service. KWE Hazmat Contracting protects your company from liability resulting from improper handling, recycling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste material. 

Get a waste solution that suits your objectives, operational demands and budget while eliminating your environmental burden and protecting your company’s value.


Illicit Drug Lab Remediation

Get industry-leading drug lab remediation service from professionals with extensive training and experience dismantling illicit drug sites throughout Alberta and surrounding areas. All work performed is compliant with current standards set by regulatory authorities. 

KWE specializes in drug lab decontamination that neutralizes toxic and hazardous chemicals used in the drug lab. Our priority is making your life cleaner and safer, as quickly as possible.


Air Quality Testing

Get your air quality tested from KWE Hazmat Contracting. Properly labelled samples are submitted with a chain of custody forms to trace their possession from collection to receipt ensuring accurate results.

Get a detailed report of air quality and identification of spores in the area. We perform checks for Carbon Di-Oxide (CO2), Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), Formaldehyde (CH2O [H-CHO]), Particulate Matter (PM) and Humidity.