Construction Services

Get superior construction services, from concept to completion. Galvanize your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Full Home Renovation

A highly trained team of renovation experts from KWE will bring you excellent renovation services. Get a more comfortable living space even on a budget. We provide full house renovation services and make them more personalized and unique to you.

KWE handles every step of the renovation process all the way from design, demolition, construction and finishing. Transform your home today!



Get a fresh coat of paint and feel cosier indoors. KWE painting services include interior and exterior painting for all surfaces including wood, siding and stucco. Speed and quality delivered whether your painting project is residential or commercial.

KWE does not only provide a quality painting service but one that is affordable with competitive prices. 


Excavation Service

Get state-of-the-art excavation services with an unmatched combination of comprehensive experience ensuring reliable services and reasonable pricing. The same team of experts will ensure that everything you need is taken care of with our full spectrum of excavation services including applying for demo permit with sign off after remediation..

From the safety of the excavation site to the handling of debris, dealing with potential and unforeseen problems and ensuring absolute security for your property, we take care of every requirement.


Foundation Digging: Stability

Get the KWE streamlined foundation digging service to give your property a strong foundation and the required strength and stability. We bring the experience of both commercial and residential digging to your projects.

Whether your foundation dig requires an excavator, bulldozer, skid steer or dump truck, we have the equipment required to get the job done right.

Get a waste solution that suits your objectives, operational demands and budget while eliminating your environmental burden and protecting your company’s value.


Building and House Demolition

KWE specializes in both partial and full demolition in a fast, efficient and budget-friendly way. Get demolition services of exterior structures and interiors of buildings and demolition techniques that cover all aspects of planning, preparation and clean up.

Our experts will also help you with site restoration by ensuring environmental safeguards, waste removal and prepping your property for the next phase.


Demolition Permit & Clearance Sign Off

KWE ensures all construction requiring a building permit, meets the standards set out in the Alberta & British Columbia Building Codes. 

Demolition Permit Clearance Form is an application required in addition to the Standard Building Permit form. KWE provides a signed copy of this form to our clients. This form ensures a safe disconnection of the property from the services.

we also provide asbestos sign off to city to permit demo off buildings